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TCOYF's Terms of Service

It is the opinion of TCOYF's management that a message board should offer a free exchange of ideas in a comfortable environment. The boards on this site were originally setup with two forums, Cycle Help and Technical Help, both of which were intended to provide support and assistance to our members and visitors. Although the boards have expanded far beyond these two original forums, our primary goal - providing a supportive environment for all - remains the same.

In keeping with our intent as stated above, we request that you contribute to the best of your ability in the same spirit of goodwill and support. Additionally, to ensure that this environment is preserved, we require that all of our members accept these Terms of Service. All actions taken in accordance with these Terms will be at the sole discretion of TCOYF management.

Violation within our community of the following will result in disciplinary action including editing, placement on moderated status, suspension, loss of access to private forums, long-term suspension and/or permanent ban.

      1. Threatening/endangering another member: Overt or veiled threats that endanger another member's safety or well-being are forbidden.

      2. Violation of privacy: You may not post personal details about a member that contains the member's physical location or contact information without the member's permission. Such details include real name, address details, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.

      3. Spamming: Accounts which are obviously created to spam the boards will be banned instantly; all spam will be removed.

      4. Disruption: Posting in a manner intended to create disruption, including baiting, trolling or otherwise creating a hostile environment, will not be tolerated. This includes deliberately violating board guidelines and courtesies or otherwise posting in a manner that is deemed by TCOYF management to be disruptive or harassing. Any member who posts or otherwise behaves in a manner which consistently requires the attention of Moderators and Administrators will be considered disruptive and will be subject to long-term suspension or permanent banning. Creating or utilizing a secondary member name in order to bypass TCOYF’s policies will result in immediate ban for all associated member names.

      5. Disrespect of leadership: TCOYF's Administrator/Moderator team includes many volunteers who are giving freely of their time for the benefit of the entire community. Disrespect of our leadership team (including management, staff, Administrators and Moderators) will not be tolerated. Issues with or questions regarding actions taken by our leadership team should be addressed via private message (PM) to Forum Admin and should not be voiced within our community. Overt or veiled attempts to bait, accuse, intimidate, harass or otherwise create a nuisance for a member of our leadership team will not be tolerated.

      6. Personal attacks: An explanation of what constitutes a personal attack can be found by clicking here.

      7. Private content: You may not post another member’s private content (i.e., from one of our limited access areas including membership-only areas and private messages) elsewhere within our community without the author's permission.

      8. Improper hosting: TCOYF is not the appropriate website for hosting images images (by posting "test" messages with your images in them to then use those images elsewhere, for example).

      9. Copyrighted information: You may not post information copyrighted or owned by anyone other than you without the consent of the owner. If such an event occurs, the individual posting the information shall be held solely responsible. TCOYF shall not be held responsible for member-posted information that may violate copyright law. If you post copyrighted information, your contact information will be forwarded to the lawful copyright owner upon their request. Policing copyright infringement is not the responsibility of TCOYF management, staff, Administrators, Moderators, or members. Copyright owner with proof of copyright can report any infringement to TCOYF management by emailing Concerns regarding copyright violation should be reported to the owner of the copyright, not to forum administrators, moderators, members or TCOYF management.

      10. Unauthorized access: You alone are responsible for protecting your password; accessing another member’s account or allowing another member to access your account is not allowed.

      11. Courtesies and Guidelines: You are expected to abide by our Forum Courtesies as well as any forum-specific guidelines linked at the top of applicable forums.

By registering on these message boards, you are certifying that you are 13 years of age or over. You are fully responsible for any content posted under your account and recognize that TCOYF is not responsible or liable for any content posted by other members.

The Terms of Service Agreement is subject to change at the discretion of TCOYF management; continued use of these message boards will be indicative of your acceptance of any such changes.