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reputable Embryo Adoption agency?

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luv2hike Posted: 01-10-2011 1:55 AM

Can anyone recommend a good agency for embryo donation? I know Snowflakes and Miracles Waiting; both seem to be rather small operations? Several local fertility clinics have embryo donation programs, but I'd prefer out-of-state. This decision is huge; I want to make the best choice I possibly can.

Thanks so much!


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Hwaitingtrain replied on 01-10-2011 2:09 PM

There's the NEDC down in nashville that's the biggest outfit I'm aware of.  There's also Embryos Alive but be very careful about them, i've heard some shady things.  Make sure the parents have had disease testing done before accepting the embryos.  Bethany's program refers to the NEDC.  snowflakes and miracles waiting are just matching programs so i think you would need an attorney in addition to the matching service.  embryo adoption is a little murkier water since they're not regulated.  Be sure to have a trustworthy attorney and reputable agency with all the bloodwork done on the parents.  If you have the embies shipped, your local fertility clinic can transfer them for you.  My clinic was willing to do that procedure for me with shipped embies.  There's also a clinic here in Indy that has a program - Family beginnings.  Also in my browsing, i'm seeing that community health network in Indy is partnered with the NEDC for EA with their own program.  So lots of options, even locally for me :) 

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Chundo replied on 02-17-2011 1:30 AM

The National Embryo Donation Center in Knoxville, TN, is supposed to be good.  I met the guy who runs it several years ago, but I don't have any ties to it or any experience with them personally.

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