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Over 35 and TTC! ~ June/July 2011

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dancingmama replied on 07-02-2011 9:35 PM

lemonbasil...I know about this ttc consuming all thoughts on some days.....I just find that I have to keep myself busy doing anything else including cleaning the car to keep my mind off it...LOL challenging that must be with you and your partner being so far there anyway he can leave his 'deposit' in a sperm bank near you and then you just have to go get it when you need it and either do a home insemination or an IUI?  Just a thought....the stress of trying to time visits during O is sure to be a lot but I am sure you have fun once you do!...

jazzbeth...that is funny what you said about dh being from England....hee hee hee...Is he sore that the British lost the war? LOL Laugh Actually, I also just love the long weekend and fireworks too

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BabyorBust2011 replied on 07-02-2011 10:04 PM

You know dancing, I've never thought about that, but it's not a half bad idea!! I don't suppose I could refrigerate or freeze a supply and insert it myself at the opportune times via applicator, can I? 

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BabyorBust2011 replied on 07-02-2011 10:05 PM

You know dancing, I've never thought about that, but it's not a half bad idea!! I don't suppose I could refrigerate or freeze a supply and insert it myself at the opportune times via applicator, can I? 

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sarabellum replied on 07-03-2011 5:25 PM

Hi folks,

I'm 40 and TTC #4. The first is in college and the last is still (barely) a toddler. I think I'm the reverse of justdmarine ... my three so far are all girls (but I tell ya, sure does make the hand me downs last a long time ;)  TTC a little over a year now and finally have given in and trying clomid.

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Marga replied on 07-03-2011 7:05 PM

Welcome to the new ladies.

I'm affraid of getting into the TTC and becoming obsessed again. I tried so hard to be all cool about it, hoped that staying a little detached would help make it happen. But here we are.

Nice to at least be able to share concerns, and all the happenings with others who can understand.

Babydust to all!

Endometrial biopsy: I think it's routine. To check if the thickness of the lining is as it should be for a specific time in the month.

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dancingmama replied on 07-03-2011 7:42 PM

@ BabyorBust - you know...I might have seen home collection kits for spermies on line will have to google it or call your local sperm bank and maybe they have information on how you might do the collection at home...I am not sure how long they can last that way, or if freezing them in the freezer at home is the same as how they do it in the sperm bank, but for the insemination part, that certainly you can try at home given there are no other issues with tubes, lining, uterus, sperm motility etc.....Good luck with trying to research that...

Hope everyone is enjoying the remainder of the weekend!


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scarletpixie replied on 07-05-2011 8:54 AM

Hello... so glad to see this group.  I am 35, going on 36 TTC #1.  Went through natural m/c in May which was more emotionally difficult than physically painful.  We had not yet heard the heartbeat- which I think would have made the entire process so much more difficult.  For about 2 weeks my best friend and I were pregnant together- luckily she has not had to go through what i went through, but sometimes it is still difficult for me as I want to be a mom so badly.  I know it is not in my hands and i have to be patient but that is not one of my strong suits.  I am now in the 2ww- actually at cycle day 10 and really want to test but don't want a BFN.... I know it is just a few days to wait to see what the temps do...but there is that whole patience thing again.

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ASB replied on 07-05-2011 10:14 AM

Hi Ladies - so glad this board has been so active. I posted once before awhile ago, but am now writing for a bit of advice.

I'm 36, DH is 43. We've been TTC#1 for a year with no luck. We've got our first appt with an RE tomorrow morning which I must admit I'm a bit anxious about. My DH is willing to go and get a work up, but has expressed real hesitance at undergoing any sort of intervention. He also has some risk factors for MFI, so I think he's a bit scared of him being the problem, although I would of course never look at it that way. I'm of the mind that we should make a decision when we have information in hand, but am of course concerned that we'll find out there is a real problem and we'll have different views on what to do about it.  Anyway, I know I shouldn't put the cart before the horse here, but I've never been so good at that :).

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has been in a similar boat, or if anyone has general advice at all on the first RE appt. It feels like such a big step, but I know that getting some information is better than having none, so I'm partly excited too!

Wishing you all lots of baby dust!

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lemonbasil replied on 07-05-2011 10:34 AM

Morning ladies!

Hope those who celebrated this weekend had lots of fun - the fireworks were lovely to see.

babyorbust: DD was a long distance conception - DH and I were living apart for the first year of marriage due to jobs, so there were times he was able to make the 3 hour drive down in the middle of the week to make due w/O time. I know not convenient, but you make things work. In fact, DD came about on the night of a huge temp jump - we had BD the weekend prior - so either it was a long living swimmer or a very quick one. I wish you luck!

jazzbeth: I found it took 3 to 4 cycles after a D&C for my body to react like normal - whatever normal is. I had to keep telling myself that though I was pregnant for a short time, your body was still pregnant and sometimes all those crazy hormones have to work their way through your system. I am finally back to some lower temps for O, which is more my norm. And my D&C was between Christmas/New Years. So it can take a while. Don't worry about missing, sometimes that can drive you more bonkers than you want.

hmvp: What time of day do you do your OPKs? I found that if I tested closer to lunch time I had better results. I have since given up on them - money and frustration w/perhaps running out before O/no smiley faces and then me being bullheaded and saying who knows my body more than I do - watch the temps/CF. It's made me a lot calmer than worrying what a stick will say. I tried them, but haven't used in a while and know that sometimes they can be frustrating. Hang in there!

dancingmama: Oh too well what I try to fill all these waiting times up doesn't help in the long run - HA! I always have long running lists in my head of what I can do to keep my mind off waiting and the next thing I find myself doing is checking successful charts or checking out symptoms. At least I have nipped my wanting to test early, I try to not do it until day 12 or if I can wait day 13 if my temps have looked nice. It's a vicious thing - wanting to know sooner than not.

sarabellum: welcome and best of luck to you.

Marga: good luck w/your next check, I hope they find a smooth nice uterus for you. All the poking and prodding we go through - here's hoping for good news for you. 

ScarletPixie: Patience - ugh, it's not one of my strong suites either, so I can commiserate. Kind of one of those things like if you aren't pregnant this cycle, you'd just soon as get the next one started. I wish you well in the next few days. Don't let the patience drive you too batty. I am sorry for your loss - it's never something easy to go through at all. And you find the strangest things can set you off to crying. Mine of late has been I would have been due the end of this month so I find I am a bit weepier/mopey. It does get easier, but for everyone it's at different points. May you have good news soon!

Hello all!

AM: Well I am in the O time frame so we are BDing every other day just in case as we haven't been too lucky on the every day front, the once in a O front or ending too early. Our plan of attack this time - every other day and then 3 days after temp goes up - just in case. I have DH taking extra C and zinc w/his vitamins and I have been having a green tea a day (CF always seems a bit plentiful w/it). With all of this extra help one would hope we get good news soon. I told my doctor the last time I was in that if I came in w/good news - he was to let me go home w/good news I have had one too many visits end w/lousy news. I aim to change!

Happy day to you all - the year is half over I found out the other day - that means Christmas is a coming! I guess I need to start buying here and there to build up a little stash for gift giving.

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lemonbasil replied on 07-05-2011 10:43 AM

ASB: Go in w/questions for your RE - even those you are think are off the wall. Take your charts if you have them - not all doctors know/are familiar w/charting, but they can be a help. Also take any meds both of you are taking - sometimes there can be something simple that is causing issue. And finally a family medical history helps too - both maternal/paternal if you can.

We are seeing an RE more because I have had 3 losses and have gone a bit different path - as I have had a child. Mine has been doing more testing on me thus far - blood clotting issues and I have been dX w/antisopholipids, so I take a baby aspirin a day and the plan is once I get pregnant - heparin. I guess my best piece of advice for both you and DH, go in w/an open mind. I know it can make either of you feel bad if one of you has worries about being the one w/problems (been there - man have I cried about such) but perhaps listen to what options are available for each of you and go from there. I know DH has said he wasn't anxious if he needed to provide a sample, but in the long run he said it's something he could do if it were needed as I was being checked for all sorts of things. 

Best of luck to you!

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