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Here we go again

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melksam Posted: 06-26-2011 12:38 AM

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so if it's not, I apologize.

It took my husband and I 2.5 years (lap, HSG, clomid,  three failed IUIs and 2.5 IVF attempts) to achieve pregnancy. We were blessed with our daughter, who is now three months old. We are unexplained infertility, although I'm older (38) with a little endo.

I will be 39 this November and we really want another one so we don't feel we have a lot of time to wait to try again. We hope that we will be lucky enough to have another one. We're trying on our own for a few months but plan to go back for IVF again this fall.

Has anyone else had luck twice, and with this close of time together? I'm trying to lose more weight (but am back at my pre-pregnancy weight so just trying to lose more as I'm overweight). I also know my body needs time to build up its nutrition supplies again so I'm taking a bunch of supplements, etc.

I'm just hoping we aren't rushing too soon again. We had insurance coverage for the first bunch but will now have to pay out of pocket because we met the lifetime max.

Any other successes this close together? I'm really hoping it will work again now that we know which protocol works for me.


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tanstey replied on 06-28-2011 12:00 PM

I haven't been on these boards in forever but happened upon this post and thought I might be able to help give some hope.

Hopefully my signature shows up, but it took us almost 4 years to get pg with my little girl. I got pg on my own in the middle of our trying by some miracle, miscarried that pg, did IVF and had an ectopic pg, and FINALLY got pg with my daughter with a FET. I was 34 when I had her, and for the most part was also unexplained except I had moderate endo. My RE told me to try to get pg quickly after the first because you are more fertile during that time and being pg puts my endo in remission. I believe right around the 6 months past partum mark, they would have been willing ot do IVF again with me (I had some frozen embryos left over).  But we decided to try getting pg the old fashioned way for a few months with our second when my daughter was 6 months old. I was going to be 35 so I felt like if it was going to take a long time again, I wanted to hop on it. MUCH to my surprise we got pg naturally on the very first try and now I am 20 weeks pg with my second and the two of them will be only 16 months apart.

So while I did not do another IVF, I imagine your body would respond quite well if you chose to do another one as long as you have your period back and have had a couple normal cycles. My hope for you is it happens naturally before you even have to go down the IVF route. Best of luck to you!

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melksam replied on 07-01-2011 3:11 PM

Thank you. I appreciate you responding. We are trying naturally on our own for a few months this summer and then will go back for testing in September before we start the process again. I'm hoping it will happen naturally but realistically know it probably won't. I'm just hoping it will work again for us. I was 35 when we started trying and will be 39 this fall so time is a tickin.

I've had a few cycles already and actually my cycles have changed. I used to ovulate too early (day 11) and now I'm ovulating day 16/17 so I think that's better actually. Maybe the pregnancy normalized me a little.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! And, thanks again for responding. It does help.

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