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A couple of C-Section/Breast feeding questions...

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pixiesmom Posted: 06-30-2011 10:33 PM

Hello Ladies!

I am 21 weeks along now with twins.  Very excited, but have a few questions regarding c-sections and breast feeding.

For those of you that had a section and breast fed, can you tell me how your experience went?  My son, after a vaginal birth was able to latch on within minutes of delivery.  I am just curious how long your babies had to wait to get to the breast and if they may have needed a supplemental feeding in the mean time?

Was it easier to use a nursing pillow in the beginning? or were you too sore to sit up?

All in all I guess any information or tips anyone may have to offer would be great!  I am not sure how these babies will come, but I would like to be prepared for a section!

Thank you!


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ThreePrinces replied on 07-02-2011 3:53 PM

Congrats on your twins!!

I have never had multiples, but I have had 3 c-sections and breastfed all 3 of my boys, so I hope I am qualified to answer your questions.  Smile

I have never had a single problem breastfeeding any of my boys (well, I had mastitis a couple of times with ds#1, but that had nothing to do with my c-section.)  No latching problems, no supply problems.  My milk always came in quickly (more quickly than my SIL did with her vaginal birth, in fact; however I think this is VERY individual.)  I wasn't able to nurse them until after I was out of recovery.  For ds#1, that took awhile because it was an absolute emergency c-section and he was getting oxygen and other necessary interventions in the nursery before I could see.  But with the other two non-emergency c-sections, as soon as I was out of recovery - so, when they were an hour old.  They did not have any supplemental feedings in the meantime, in fact they never had any at all.

I have never found nursing pillows to be necessary, but it may also be because I do not have large breasts (just like how I have never needed a nursing bra.)  In the hospital for the first few days after birth, I did usually keep a pillow on my lower abdomen at all times so I suppose a nursing pillow could have been used in the same manner.  But I used to own a boppy and found it completely worthless.  Again, though, I think this is just personal preference.

My #1 tip for having a c-section, and it has nothing to do with breastfeeding:  Granny Panties.  Do yourself a favor and buy about a week's worth of granny panties...the high waisted ones.  Trust me, you don't want cute little bikini cut undies that will rub right against your c-section scar.  It is itchy enough as it heals, anything rubbing against it will just irritate it all the more.

Good luck!!

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