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Charts won't upload

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my3girlies&1guy Posted: 07-04-2011 11:36 AM

It's been a long time since I've been here (hubby and I are done....err thought we were done....having kids) but I'm having a wonky cycle and wanted to upload my chart and it won't upload any of them.  I just get the following message:


9:33:54 AM: Preparing cycle 1
9:33:54 AM: Uploading cycle 1
9:33:56 AM: Cycle 1 may NOT have uploaded successfully.
9:33:56 AM: Preparing cycle 2
9:33:56 AM: Uploading cycle 2
9:33:57 AM: Cycle 2 may NOT have uploaded successfully.
9:33:57 AM: Preparing cycle 3
9:33:57 AM: Uploading cycle 3
9:33:59 AM: Cycle 3 may NOT have uploaded successfully.
9:33:59 AM: Preparing cycle 4
9:33:59 AM: Uploading cycle 4
9:34:00 AM: Cycle 4 may NOT have uploaded successfully.
9:34:00 AM: Preparing cycle 5
9:34:01 AM: Uploading cycle 5
9:34:03 AM: Cycle 5 may NOT have uploaded successfully.

Uploading was unsuccessful.  Please check that your system date is set correctly and that you entered the correct username and password in the WebCharts Upload Wizard. If this is not the problem, then simply try uploading again later.

Then when I click to go to my webcharts location it says:

An error occurred while processing your request. Click here to return to the home page.
I tried right clicking on the first cycle day and recalculating as I saw suggested in other posts and that didn't do anything.  I also tried seeing if maybe there was a software update that I needed since I haven't uploaded a chart in yeats but I got the same error message.  Can anybody help??
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lbm436 replied on 07-04-2011 1:27 PM

Hi there, recalculating is more for the online software, not the PC application. It's possible that it's a password issue:

If you are having problems uploading:

1. Be sure that your password to contains no capital letters. Lowercase letters, numbers and special characters are all fine. If your password contains uppercase letters, please go to the "Edit" tab (next to your name at top of page), then the "Sign In Information" tab to change your password. Note - some users are having issues with password resets - if you need help resetting yours, email

2. Next, open your software. From the chart view, click "Upload". On the second screen of the popup, make sure your sign in information exactly matches your account information for account

3. Finish the upload process; once you've uploaded your charts should appear here:

You can also try downloading this software patch:

Save it to your computer and run it - be sure you're logged into your admin account.

If that all doesn't work, let us know!Flowers

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