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babyplease Posted: 07-05-2011 3:24 PM

I am preparing for my second IVF cycle and am scheduled for a SIS (Saline Sonogram) on Thursday morning. Other than coming with a full bladder, I'm not sure what to expect. I read on-line about what to expect, but I'm wondering how it will truly be. Last spring, I did an HSG, which was really painful even after taking pain medication beforehand. The entire process took about 15-20 minutes, but felt like an eternity. Can I expect the SIS to be just as painful? Can anyone share their experience and tips to make it go smoothly and as pain-free as possible?

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ThreePrinces replied on 07-05-2011 4:13 PM

I've had many HSGs over the years, and they have never been any more uncomfortable for me than AF cramps.  In fact, my AF cramps can often be worse.

The sonohysterogram, however....that definitely hurt more than any of my HSGs.  It didn't hurt while they were doing it.  It just felt like AF cramping again.  It was several hours later that I had some pain, how weird is that??  I've had a lot of abdominal surgeries and my best guess is that adhesions from the surgeries got broken up from the SIS.  So this may be a very individual thing for me and only because of my circumstance, I don't know.  But at any rate, it certainly wasn't terrible and I have definitely been in more pain.  (Nothing.  NOTHING!  Beats a kidney stone in terms of pain.)  The SIS is fairly short, they have you come in and lie down.  They insert a tube as though you were having an IUI.  My RE then told me that he was filling up the uterus with the saline, so I might feel a little bit of cramping.  I didn't, it just felt warm.  Then he filled up the uterus, looked around on the ultrasound for a few minutes, said my uterus was "beautiful", and it was over.  I don't remember how they took the saline out...?  Though I'm sure they did, although I did leak for a few hours afterward - same as after an HSG.

I hope this helps.  Good luck!!

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Mopie replied on 07-05-2011 5:14 PM

I also had both the HSG and the SIS.  My SIS was done several months ago and I must be honest, it was the worst pain I had experienced to date.  I don't know if it is because I now learned I have a half uterus.  But I think the pain was also attributed to the fact that my uterus is tipped.  They, the lady performing the procedure struggled to get the thingy (don't know what it is called) over and around my uterus.  After 15 minutes of horrible attempts at shoving it they finally had the obgyn on call come over and try it.  Again, after being told to cough several times and attempts the obgyn was able to finally get the tube thingy around my uterus and that is when the intense started.  The procedure was super dooper quick, I think they speed it along at warp speed because the tech felt really bad for me.  The cramping afterward was pretty rough going and I laid in a curled ball for about 30 minutes until I could manage to put pants on and leave.  After nearly passing out multiple times after an hour and half after the procedure I felt perfectly fine.  I really do think that all this pain was because of my tipped uterus and my UU diagnosis that didn't come out until the HSG was performed.

I took before hand two strong IBProfun (spelling?) and it still didn't help.

I leaked for a few hours after my SIS and they give you a pad.

I hope I didn't scare you too much.  I think the SIS is just a lot like the HSG in terms of experience.  Everyone's is unique and you hear a wide range between no pain and intense pain.

I don't remember being told to come in on a full bladder.

In reference to the comparable pain of an SIS to HSG...the HSG I felt nothing and cried before the procedure for no reason.  I was embarrased.

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Tests performed:  Jan 2011 - Ultrasound = all good, Feb 2011 - Hydro saline sonogram = clear, April 2011 blood drawn around CD50 = normal, May 2011 - Hubby SA = great, June 2011 - CD3 & other blood word done, HSG shows unicornuate uterus, June 2011 MRI on abdomen, kidney's and uterus = great news I have two kidney's (yeah!) and no rudimentary horn

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