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Would this worry you?

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sadie39 Posted: 07-05-2011 6:24 PM

I will be 34 weeks on Thursday and I'm trying to ride out the rest of this pregnancy without being an absolute lunatic- like I was with the last, which was a twin pregnancy 15 months ago. We went through a lot to have our twin DD's, so any little ache or pain or feeling of something just not being right would equal a call into the doc.. For this pregnancy (a singleton), I have been much more lowkey with the worry... maybe it's the 15 month old twins I've had as a distraction! :)

With the twin pg I had BH contrax fairly frequently and even consistently from 20 weeks on and they could get a bit uncomfortable but never really painful.. We ended up delivering via c-section at 36+3... which is pretty good for twins! With this pregnancy I have had BH's since 27 weeks and over the past week I have had contractions and back pain that has been downright painful. It's usually accompanied by menstrual-type cramps and usually it starts up in the evening. The reason I haven't called the doc is because they are not consistent, they don't seem to come in a worsening pattern, and eventually they will subside after a couple of hours. I assume it's because I'm on my feet all day.. I have a doctor's appt this Friday- should I ask them to check my cervix? Is this typical at this point??? 


thanks in advance for your insights!!!


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